I am Sophie.

I am half girl – half woman. And I’m on my journey to become the Full Woman I really Am.

In this process I realized i know nothing about me. About this woman who is hidden inside. Just that I want to be a Survivor, even more…want to live fully and joyfully.
I want to woman me.

I also realized I never grieved so many things that happen in my early years. Never really understood them, or the consequences these things had and have on me.
My way, my life, my skin, my heart, my Me are deeply marked by those. And this is something that hurts me in a very intense way.
But still, I am trying my best to take this journey and this pain, cause I know better things are on the other side.
Somedays I’m not so hopeful, but once again, it’s part of the process…

Blogging is something new for me and I don’t know exactly why I started.
But i love to write, makes me discover and own who i am!
In the meantime I’ve encountered many texts and shares from other bloggers that made me feel I’m not alone. And I’m grateful for it.
Maybe i can also make somebody feel they are not alone.
Just for these things, this share is so worth it and precious.


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