What the Fuck is happening with me…!?

Can’t do a shit! Can’t think! Can’t read! Can’t nothing! Can’t even write!
It’s like the words in my brain don’t make sense anymore.
It’s like everything i read is in a different language then my own…

I read them all, but nothing passes after my eyes barrier.
The words go inside my eyes, i can put the letters together, but the meaning of such words and phrases just doesn’t make any eco, any sound, any sense inside!

What the Fuck is happening!?!?!?


you think…

You think you’re getting better… You think you feel calmer…
You think you’re gonna do it… You try to believe in you…
All this cause i don’t want to disapoint them. All this cause i wanna make them proud. All this cause i don’t know how to fail with them.

But the truth is… i don’t feel better afterall.

When is this gonna end…?