The Night and the Tight

The Night brings a quiet dark, a sweet solitude.
The Night brings cold fear, reveals bad memories.
The Night brings countless doubts, inumerous thoughts.
The Night brings conforting moments alone, sweet hot cups of Tea.
The Night brings wet, cold and warm Tears.
The Night brings endless monologues in my head.
The Nights gives me cold feet and bad butterflys in the belly.

The Night makes me wonder about my choices, my path.

Is my path a result of my choices though?
Always going with the wind, avoiding decisions to not desappoint anybody, to not dissapoint me…
Avoiding choices, cause all my inside is fear.
It can’t be MY path. At least not one that i choose.
I’ve accepted it, as it came.

Where am i now? What am i doing?
Where am i going? Where am i letting me go?

Is this what i want for me? Is this what’s gonna make me happy?
Or am i really just trying to run away from my self? My life? From those choices i never made?

The Night…the¬†Tight in the throat and chest