The world thinks that is normal! and im the crazy one?!? – women are not soulless objects made to serve dicks!!!

A letter to the world:

I feel like all the world thinks that that is normal. And that i’m the crazy one. I’m the abnormal one.

I feel like everybody is ok with that. And I AM ALONE. In my fight, in my feelings, in my discomfort.

I feel like he is one more person that likes that. He gets along with that. Acts side by side with that. He sees and doesn’t care. He sees and acts according to that. ELE COMPACTUA COM ISSO! And he doesn’t even want to care about how it feels in my heart. He doesn’t give a shit about it!

They say they “love girls”, they “love women”, but they don’t give a shit!

He thinks i’m making excuses. I’m inventing arguments where i have none. He thinks this is just me making drama to hide my true reason. He thinks my true reason is being insecure and feel threatened by girls posing naked in a page…

Really? Really? I am threatened by that? By what? How? Why? Cause you would fall in love for a page? For a screen?  Can’t you see how ridiculous that is?

Of course i’m not gonna lie: this doesn’t help any girl to feel secure of herself. For sure me neither! It actually makes me wonder “how the heck can you love me!? desire me!? – If that is what you like in a girl?”… Well i have to confess it makes me feel i am never gonna be good enough to make you want me! Cause i will never be as skinny as the pics (i am just a size 6, not a 4, not a 2, nor O!), never as big boobs and butt as the pics (cause i am just size “NORMAL WOMAN WITH NO PLASTIC”)! And specially cause I’m not a Photoshop! I am real! I am a true Woman! And i don’t have a magic power to Photoshop myself to make you desire me…Specially when i’m naked.
Is this your intentions when you act along this type of attitudes? OF COURSE NOT! I know that… But isn’t knowing that you make me feel so bad inside enough to see how that’s messed up!? If that has the power of hurting so seriously the person you love, How can you not understand!?

But the truly horror part in here, is about Every Women on Earth! It’s not about (just) me. It’s not about feeling insecure! It’s about such a bigger cause!
It’s about All women! It’s about Respect!

Why does everybody seems to think that treating women like soulless sexual objects that are on Earth to satisfy males is normal!?!?! IS ACCEPTABLE?? OR OK???

I don’t get that. And i’ve always felt like i’m the wrong one. I felt like i was crazy! I was delusional to not get the normality there!
And you also want me to believe in that…? don’t you…?

If I say I feel discomfort, I do! And I’m gonna own that!

How can i be with somebody that accepts that?

How can the world thinks that a daughter, a mom, a sister, a niece, a granddaughter, an aunt, a cousin is just a sexual toy???
Why in these world exists magazines such as “girls and cars”? How can somebody feel like those are two equivalent things?…Read again: THINGS!!!
If there would be magazines like: “Nail Polish and Guys”, “Clothes and Cocks”, “Shoes, Necklaces  and Sexy Dudes”, “Bags and Lads” – Would the world think that’s normal?

And how would that be like!?
A shirtless guy popping out his butt and holding nail polish bottles!?,
A naked guy with his eyes wide open and surprised looking at girls clothes?,
A sexy dude laying with shoes on his abdominal? and necklaces on?,
A bunch of lads sitting on the floor biting one finger and tucking his boxers on the ass and bags all around them?!?!?
– Cause that is how we portray girls and women!!!

Would all those THINGS have the same value?

Why do we make girls and women feel like they have to be appreciated like that to feel that they have value? Why can’t the world see how sad this is? So ridiculous!?
Why do we keep using the physiological excuse that guys are different and so that is normal?
Would you treat your mom like that? Would you treat your sister like that?
Imagine your little baby daughter as a young 20-something girl… Would you like a lad to treat her like that? Would you like her to be with some guy that thinks her value is that?
Would you be ok if somebody pay her for a job that represents who she is in such a belittled way!?
And why are there even women doing that to herselfs and peers? Cause we teach everybody that that is normal and acceptable. And just how it should be.

NO! I can’t accept that!

If I say I feel THIS WAY, I do! And I’m gonna own that!

The world thinks that is normal! And you people really want to tell me that i ‘m the crazy one here?!? …Really!?





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