Manuel Freire – Pedra filosofal



I am medicated… after some and some changes…finally this pills stoped the urge to give up with my life…
Yeh…ok…good.. i guess..
Gave me time to build up some strenght and pick up some pieces…
Gave me strengh to deal with the daily day life. Supermarket, food, shower, being able to get up from bed, manage to work…
And i believe I will stay on this for some more time. There are still some BIG pieces that need to be picked up… so the meds will stay for some more time…
And i am ok with it. All ok…

Just…the only neg point… i don’t feel anything…
I need to get those big points to happen… but there is absolute ZERO motivation to do so… there is absolute no emotion, no will, no point, no perspective, no long view, no nerveous in my body and mind to accomplish those big points….

Kind of stupid effects from this… how do I pick it up and try to get on with my life and things that need to be done?

A mix of a person

Always on a controversial dyad.
Shy, but fearless.
Courageous, but small-looking.
Powerful, but invisible.
Giant, but so small.
Altruistic and selfish.
Believes in everything, but trusts no one.
Gives everything, but feels entitled to nothing.
Wants the world, but asks for one pebble.
Aspires to reach the moon but is ashamed to dream.
She needs people and love, but loves the silence of loneliness.






Sempre numa díade controversa.

Tímida, mas destemida.

Corajosa, mas de aparência pequena.

Poderosa, mas invisível.

Gigante, mas tão pequena.

Altruísta, egoísta.

Acredita em tudo, mas não confia em ninguém.

Dá tudo, mas sente direito a nada.

Deseja o mundo, mas pede uma só pedrinha.

Ambiciona chegar à lua, mas tem vergonha de sonhar.

Precisa de gente e amor, mas adora o silêncio da solidão.


27/06/2016 – Sophie Surviver